It goes without saying that good drainage is essential for good sportsturf. We have been putting in place drainage systems sine the early 90’s. There are few sites where natural drainage suffices – supplementary drainage needs to be undertaken in those cases where the ground becomes waterlogged on occasions, or where water is perched on the surface.

Drained Pitch – construction stage

Modern drainage systems usually consist of three components:

(a) Pipe drains spaced five, seven or 10 metres apart backfilled almost to the surface with a free-draining medium.

(b) A network of 50mm wide drainage slits, closely spaced to carry excess water speedily to the pipes below.

(c) The incoporation of a free drainage sand into the top 75-100mm of soil or sward.
Optimium results are achieved by carrying out all three steps. On most sites, it is possible to design a system to remove 22mm of precipitation in one hour.

Drainage system


Through the use of Shelton Drainage machinery & floatation tyres a full drainage system can be installed into an existing grass pitch.  This greatly reduces disruption & downtime on the pitch.


This process has transformed the numerous existing grass pitches we have carried out this operation on.  Examples can be found at:

  • Forgney GAA – Longford
  • Fohenagh GAA – Galway
  • Geashill GAA – Offaly
  • Ballinalee GAA – Longford
  • Grangemockler – Kilkenny

We have also carried out numerous drainage projects on Golf courses:

    • Athenry G.C
    • Mount Bellew G.C
    • Dunmurry Springs G.C
    • Knockanally G.C
    • Moyvalley G.C
    • Longford G.C

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