O’Carroll Sportsturf Drainage | Emerald Pitch Developments

O’Carroll Sportsturf Drainage & Emerald Pitch Developments, established in the early 90’s, through steady growth have evolved to become one of the island of Ireland’s leading nationwide specialist sports pitch contractors.

Based in County Offaly O’Carroll Sportsturf Drainage & Emerald Pitch Developments have carefully developed it’s expertise in a wide range of products and services and now operates throughout the country.

We have a large fleet of specialised machinery to carry out these projects which includes excavators, dozers, dumpers, stone burriers, stone crushers, lazer leveller, sand spreaders, verti-drainers, overseeders and complete Shelton drainage outfit, as well as a large fleet of tractors from 30 to 190 HP fitted with floatation grass tyres.

  • Del la Salle, Palmerston

Pitch Care Maintenance

Maintaining sports fields is essential in order for them to perform to their optimum level. Airation using a shockwave along with overseeding using a Vredo disc seeder and topdressing are all part of a good maintainence plan. Allied with top quality hard wearing sports ground seed along with the highest grade controlled release fertilizers this means we can offer a comprehensive package, that has a proven record.

Brian O'Carroll Sportsturf Sand spreading helps to promote drainage, root development and achieve better results for wet weather play. Verti drainage, with its unique action and extra deep penetration, provides the solution to problems such as compaction, bad drainage and poor grass cover.

Emerald Pitch DevelopmentsOver seeding involves the placing of seed precisely where it is required. Emerald use the Moore Drill which enables seed to be stitched into a pitch while causing minimal disturbance to the existing grasses.

O’Carroll Sportsturf Drainage & Emerald Pitch Developments have worked with a wide variety of sports clubs & organisations, race courses and golf courses throughout the country check out our client page for more information and the testimonials page.